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Annual Conference

Join us for Virtual Conference in 2023. Dates will be announced soon!

Virtual Conference Information:

Thank you to everyone who attended SWE’s third annual virtual conference, that was held October 14 to 16. Virtual Conference was RECORDED, and will be available on our Membership Portal in the near future.

Please stay tuned for information on our 2023 Virtual Conferences that will be announced in the days ahead.

Our Past And Upcoming Conferences

1977 – Davis, California2000 – San Jose, California
1978 – Ithaca, New York2001 – Eugene, Oregon
1979 – Santa Clara, California2002 – Anaheim, California
1980 – Chicago, Illinois2003 – Seattle, Washington
1981 – Santa Rosa, California2004 – Sonoma County, California
1982 – Providence, Rhode Island2005 – Vancouver, British Columbia
1983 – Seattle, Washington2006 – Eugene, Oregon
1984 – San Luis Obispo, California2007 – Monterey, California
1985 – Fairfax, Virginia2008 – New Orleans, Louisiana
1986 – Davis, California2009 – Sacramento, California
1987 – Vancouver, British Columbia2010 – Washington, District of Columbia
1988 – Stamford, Connecticut2011 – Providence, Rhode Island
1989 – Long Beach, California2012 – San Mateo, California
1990 – Portland, Oregon2013 – Orlando, Florida 
1991 – Cherry Hill, New Jersey2014 – Seattle, Washington 
1992 – San Francisco, California2015 – New Orleans, Louisiana
1993 – Tacoma, Washington2016 – Washington, District of Columbia
1994 – Toronto, Ontario2017 – Portland, Oregon
1995 – Los Angeles, California 2018 – Finger Lakes, New York
1996 – Portland, Oregon2019 – Washington, District of Columbia
1997 – Orlando, Florida 2020 – Online Virtual Conference 
1998 – Sacramento, California2021 – Orlando, Florida and Online Virtual Conference
1999 – Sonoma County, California2022 – Indian Wells, California and Online Virtual Conference

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